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Updated: Jun 12

Hello, it's Noelle here. Are you BECOMING CONFIDENT BECOMING BRAVER BECOMING STRONGER BECOMING WISER BECOMING MORE BECOMING her? Over the last 15 years of being behind the camera and asking a single question, I've gotten the same answers every time. "When was the last time YOU have been photographed?" Not with your kids....not with your spouse.....YOU! How would you answer? Answer 1: High School Senior Session Answer 2: Bridal Session before I got married Most people go from age 18 to 90+ only being photographed as a plus 1. How crazy is that!?!? But, during this time we are constantly going through so much and changing who we are. Celebrating the birthday milestones, starting a family, job promotions, traveling, reaching our goals. We are also learning through the times that are tough......I mean those really tough times, we all have them! What have you worked through or currently working on? Are you working on becoming the person you want to be? Have you taken the time to celebrate you? The BECOMING HER 2024 Project is to celebrate where you are in your life right now. Not in a few years when you may lose a few more pounds. Not when you might feel more confident in yourself. Not when you finally put yourself first. It is NOW, during the journey of working on who you want to BECOME! Imagine yourself in 1 year....5, 10, 20 years from now. Will you have portraits of yourself to remind you of the journey you are on? Or does that end when you graduated High School and now only photographed as a plus 1? The most important aspect of the Becoming Her Session, is that you leave feeling body-positivity, empowerment and beautiful for being exactly who you are. I can't wait to join you on your journey of BECOMING HER! Love, Noelle

"My experience with Noelle was nothing short of wonderful! She is professional, patient, and makes the session so much fun. She knows exactly how to pose you to show off your features and bring out your confidence. I am thrilled and a bit astonished with the photos Noelle captured!" -Emmaly

Don't be afraid to be in front of a camera, I GOT YOU!

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