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Preserve the memories of your child's high school graduation with professional senior photography.

Browse my portfolio to see how I can preserve your graduate's special achievements so you can cherish them forever!

senior picture of a group of girls on their graduation in a field
graduation picture of a group of girls in a street, all smiling, one wearing a hat
senior portrait of a girl in a blue spotted dress smiling outdoors
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senior photography of a young man in a wooly denim jacket and blue shirt outside with beautiful flowers in the background
graduation portrait of a blonde girl smiling in a studio with a high school jacket on
senior photo of a young european girl in a pattern dress smiling with brown hair in a studio


Wondering how this works?

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1. Book your session

Booking a photoshoot is just a click away. We will start the conversation to create the dream photoshoot to help your graduate their best. Booking your session is the first step to creating the perfect senior portraits.

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2. The photoshoot

This is where the magic happens! Come to my studio based in Haubstadt, Indiana, or meet me at a chosen location, and I’ll guide your graduate through every step of the shoot. Don’t worry about the poses; I’m here to make them look their best. I love capturing genuine smiles and natural moments, so they can just be themselves and enjoy the moment.

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3. Cherish their graduation forever

Within 1-2 weeks you will come back to the studio to view your senior photos and choose the ones you love. I will also help create customized artwork, making it simple and easy to enjoy to showcase their great achievement!


Senior Pictures

Welcome to my graduation pictures gallery! Here, you'll find a curated selection of my favorite portraits. Each image is crafted to showcase the true personality of the graduate. Take a look around, and let me know if any piece speaks to you. Enjoy exploring my work!

Maintain Connection

In my work, I've seen how graduate photos can help you keep a connection with your graduate, long after they’ve moved away. It's a bridge made of pixels and prints, connecting hearts across miles.

Daily Dose of Joy

Hanging these photographs around your home or office is a daily reminder of what’s truly important. Each glance can boost your mood and brighten your day.

Boost Your Child’s Sense of Belonging

I love seeing how graduate portraits enhance a child's feeling of belonging. It's like wrapping them in a cozy, visible hug that they can see every day.



About me

Noelle K. Scott, a Ball State University graduate and experienced Professional Portrait Photographer, brings over 15 years of expertise to the Evansville, Indiana area.

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Noelle K. Scott

Professional Senior Portrait Photographer


s a wife, mother, and small business owner, she empathizes with the challenges of balancing personal and professional life.

With a heartfelt commitment to creating lasting memories, she ensures every client leaves feeling empowered and cherished.

Noelle's passion lies in capturing the beauty and uniqueness of her clients, instilling confidence and celebrating their journeys through personalized portrait sessions.

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The photoshoot

Is it almost time to celebrate your child’s graduation? Capture this special moment with a senior picture session that’s as unique as they are!

•  Free pre-photoshoot consultation 

•  Options for studio and or on-location sessions

•  Multiple wardrobe changes

•  Professional retouching 

•  Fast delivery 

•  Satisfaction guarantee

•  Complimentary family photoshoot

Let's create stunning, personalized graduation photos that you'll treasure forever.


girl 1.png

Lexi Potts


Noelle is quick to make you feel comfortable while being photographed. She brings such a positive attitude and fun personality to every appointment I have had with her. I will always cherish the laughs and fun times we have had during my sessions. She truly knows how to make you look and feel your best. I highly recommend working with her!:)

Hear what my clients have to say

girl 4.png

Andrea Miller


I'm always self critical of how I look in pictures. Noelle made me feel so comfortable and so excited to do this. I felt so empowered by her during this whole process.
I had not had any professional pictures taken of me since my senior pictures. All women deserve to have these taken to do something fun for themselves. Celebrate your beauty and individuality. I had so much fun doing this and felt very empowered by Noelle. I absolutely LOVE how great my pictures turned out.

girl 3.png

Christen Lovett


Noelle makes you feel right at home and brings you out of your comfort zone in a fun way! It's the only time I've ever been photographed without my kids. Getting to bring my husband along was my favorite experience, the last time we had pictures taken of the two of us was probably our wedding!

  • What about my privacy? I’m nervous about who might see my photos.
    Your privacy is my top priority. I have strict policies in place to ensure that your photos are seen only by those you choose to share them with. Everything we capture is kept confidential unless you decide otherwise.
  • What will I do with the photos? I don’t know if I’d ever use them.
    Many clients find that once they see their photos, they love them! They are great for personal keepsakes, gifts for partners, or simply to look back on as a reminder of your confidence and beauty. It’s also completely okay to do this just for yourself.
  • Isn’t boudoir photography expensive?
    Investing in boudoir photography is not just about getting beautiful photos—it's a full experience and celebration of you. I offer different packages to suit various budgets. It’s about giving yourself a truly special treat.
  • I’m worried about my body not looking good enough for the photos. What if I don’t like how I look?
    I totally understand feeling that way, but boudoir photography is all about celebrating you just as you are. My job is to make you look and feel amazing. We’ll use poses and lighting that enhance your favorite features. It’s all about highlighting your beauty!
  • I’ve never done a professional photo shoot before. What if I don’t know how to pose?
    No worries at all! Most of my clients are not models, and part of my job is to guide you through the entire process. I’ll help you with posing, expressions, and everything else. You’ll look natural and beautiful, I promise.
  • I feel like I’d be too exposed during the boudoir photo shoot. How do you handle this?
    I completely get that concern. You only go as far as you feel comfortable. This is a no-pressure environment, and many clients start out feeling shy but find themselves relaxing as we go. It’s all done in a respectful, comfortable setting.
  • Posing feels awkward to me. How do you handle this?
    It’s normal to feel a bit awkward if you’re not used to posing! I provide gentle guidance throughout the shoot, helping you find poses that are comfortable yet flattering. Most clients find they start to relax and even enjoy themselves after a few minutes!
  • What about my privacy? I don’t want my photos all over the internet.
    Your privacy is very important to me. I always get explicit permission before using any images publicly, whether it's for my portfolio or promotional purposes. Otherwise, your photos are for your eyes only.
  • I never look good in photos. What if I’m not photogenic?
    Believe me, everyone is photogenic. I pride myself on making you feel comfortable and guiding you through poses that look natural and flattering. My goal is to make sure you love how you look in your photos!
  • What if I don’t like the photos?
    My job is to make sure you love your photos. We’ll discuss everything upfront—your style, preferences, and what you want to achieve. After the session, we’ll review the images together, and you only purchase the ones you love.
  • Will the photos look too edited?
    I aim for a natural look when editing. The goal is to enhance the photos subtly, preserving the real you, just on your best day. We can discuss your preferences to make sure you’re happy with the final look.
  • Isn’t professional photography too expensive?
    I get that concern—it's an investment. That’s why I offer different packages to fit various budgets. Plus, consider the value of high-quality, timeless photos that you’ll cherish forever. Let’s find a solution that works for you!
  • Are professional photos really that different from the ones I take with my phone?
    Absolutely. Professional photos not only offer higher quality in terms of resolution and lighting but also the expertise in capturing the emotion and dynamics of your family in a way that everyday photos simply can’t match.
  • What if we can't find a time that works for everyone?
    Scheduling can be tough, but I’m flexible and willing to work around your family’s schedule to find the perfect time. We can plan ahead to avoid clashes and ensure that everyone can be there without stress.
  • What if I’m not comfortable in front of the camera?
    It’s totally normal to feel a bit uneasy, but I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere. I'll guide you through poses and expressions, and we’ll keep things light and fun. You might even forget the camera is there!
  • How do we choose the right style or location for our photos?
    Let’s discuss what kind of vibe you’re going for. Whether it’s casual at home, a vibrant outdoor setting, or something more formal, I can suggest locations and styles that reflect your family’s personality and preferences. We’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit for you.
  • What if my kids won’t cooperate during the session?
    Kids will be kids! I’ve worked with all sorts of young personalities and have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to engage them and capture their genuine smiles. Don’t worry; we’ll make it fun for them!
  • Isn’t professional photography too expensive?
    I completely understand budget concerns, and that’s why I offer various packages to fit different budgets. Remember, family pictures are an investment in memories that will last a lifetime, and I’m here to make sure you get beautiful results that are worth every penny.
  • How do you ensure our photos remain private?
    Your privacy is paramount. We’ll discuss where and how the photos will be used, and I can assure you that they will not be shared without your explicit consent.
  • How long will it take to receive the final edited images after the session?
    I understand that you're eager to see your final images, and I strive to deliver them to you as quickly as possible. Typically, you can expect to receive the final edited images within 1 week after the session. I'll keep you updated throughout the editing process and ensure that you're satisfied with the results.
  • I'm worried about finding time for a headshot session. How long will the session take, and can I schedule it at a convenient time?
    I completely understand that your time is valuable. My goal is to make the headshot session as efficient and convenient as possible for you. Typically, sessions take around 1 hour, and I offer flexible scheduling options, including Headshot Mini days, for those looking for a quick and easy session. Custom sessions are also available for those looking for more.
  • I have a specific look or style in mind for my headshots. Can you accommodate my preferences?
    Absolutely! Your headshots should reflect your unique style and personality. Before the session, we'll discuss your vision and any specific preferences you have. I'll tailor the session to ensure that the final images align with your vision and exceed your expectations.
  • Why should I invest in professional headshots when I can take them myself or find a cheaper option?
    I understand that cost is a concern for many clients, but professional headshots are an investment in your personal and professional image. My pricing reflects the quality of service and expertise I provide. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your future success.
  • I'm concerned about the privacy of my images and how they will be used. Can you provide more information about usage rights?
    Your privacy and the security of your images are of the utmost importance to me. Before the session, we'll discuss your preferences regarding the usage of your images, including any restrictions or permissions you'd like to set. I'll always respect your wishes and ensure that your images are used appropriately.
  • I'm not very comfortable being photographed. How can you help me feel at ease during the session?
    It's completely normal to feel a bit nervous in front of the camera, but I'm here to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free for you. I'll provide guidance and encouragement throughout the session, helping you relax and feel confident. We'll work together to capture your best self.
  • Do you only work in a studio, or can you come to my preferred location?
    I can do both! I'm happy to use my expertise to make sure the location fits so you get the perfect portraits you had in mind.
  • What can I expect to receive after the photo shoot, and how long will it take?
    Within 1-2 weeks you can come back to the studio to select the photos and products you love the most!
  • How much do your photography services cost?
    My pricing varies depending on the type of session and specific client needs. I believe in transparent pricing, so you can get detailed information when we are talking about your custom session. You only buy what you love!
  • I'm not very confident in front of the camera. Can you help with that?
    Absolutely! Many of my clients feel the same way, but I'm here to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free for you. I'll provide guidance and encouragement throughout the shoot, helping you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
  • Will my privacy be respected, and how will my photos be used?
    Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I adhere to strict confidentiality and respect your preferences regarding the use of your photos. Before sharing or using any images, I always obtain consent from my clients.
  • My schedule is packed. How can we find a time that works?
    I try to be as flexible as possible to fit into your schedule. For students scheduling during the school year, consider the fun option of taking a half-day off for a stress-free photoshoot—it's a great way for parents and kids to enjoy some quality time together! While weekends are available, they do come at a premium. Let's discuss your options and find a time that allows you not to rush or stress.
  • I didn’t even know senior photography was a thing. Why should I consider it?
    Senior year is a huge milestone—it’s the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. Celebrating this with professional photos creates lasting memories and gives you something to look back on and cherish.
  • With everyone having great cameras on their phones, do I really need a professional?
    Absolutely! While phone cameras are impressive, they can't match the quality of professional lenses and cameras. Plus, I bring an understanding of how to perfectly capture light, create mood, and compose images that your phone simply can't achieve on its own.
  • What happens if it rains on the day of our outdoor shoot?
    Weather can be unpredictable, but don’t worry—I always have a Plan B. I will be in touch if changes need to be made.
  • What if I feel awkward during the shoot?
    It’s completely normal to feel a bit uneasy, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you feel comfortable and look your best. I'll guide you through poses and expressions, and we’ll have fun along the way. Most clients find they relax pretty quickly into the shoot and leave saying “It was so much easier than I thought!”
  • How can we make my senior photos unique?
    Your senior photos should reflect your personality! Let’s chat about your hobbies, favorite places, or any ideas you have. Whether it’s bringing props that are meaningful to you or helping you pick great locations with ideal lighting for the time of day, I’m here to make sure your photos are uniquely you.


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