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Boudoir Photography was a bit of a cliche

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

boudoir photography

Oh back in the day, BOUDOIR photography was a bit of a cliche consisting of pearls, beds and props and the biting of lips and fingers. It was usually thought to be “for his eyes only” and most commonly a wedding present from a young bride in a lingerie set.

If your idea of boudoir photography is still stuck on what it 'used to be', it’s understandable why you may not be very interested in doing it. I get it, it would not be my cup of tea either!

I am so proud to let you know that boudoir no longer has just that one look. Over the years, this genre has burst out of its narrowly defined box and now includes a variety of styles, and preferences while often celebrating self-exploration, individualism, growth, body-positivity and empowerment.

womens beauty photography

If you’re one whose curiosity has been piqued by the offerings of boudoir photography,

(if you are reading this, then yes I'm talking to you!)

but you are a little intimidated by the unknown, I’m here to share a few tips to get you started.

BOUDOIR is simply an intimate portrait session meant to benefit primarily the person themself in a way that is self celebratory. We are showing off your own unique beauty. …and sure, also their partner, the walls of their home, and/or the entire world via the internet should they so choose. Boudoir does NOT have to …include lingerie …be a wedding present …be discreet …feature only certain body types/ages/marital statuses

Womens boudoir photography evansville indiana area

Start with what you are used to and what makes you feel good.

We can use your wardrobe with more of a boudoir feel by simply having you wrapped in the clothes rather than wearing them traditionally. Or leaving out a layer of your suit.

Oversized sweater, button down shirt, body suits, robes.....

The most important aspect of a boudoir session, is that you leave

feeling body-positivity, empowerment and beautiful

for being exactly how you are.

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."


Haubstadt indiana boudoir photography white button down shirt

If you are looking in the Evansville, IN area for a boudoir photographer, then let's get started with your very own BEAUTY session!



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