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Have a High School Senior & feeling OVERWHELMED?

You made it! After years of counting down school days, you (or your son/daughter) are finally a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR!

However, senior year can be challenging for both students and their families. A lot of decisions have to be made, but you just want to soak in all the 'lasts' this year has to bring. It could be the last 1st day of school, last time playing a sport, last school dance, last time seeing your friends daily. You are overwhelmed with SATs, college applications, trade school options, homework, practice schedules, after school jobs, and constant deadlines.

Parents are stuck in a place of 'How did this go so fast' and 'I am tired of constantly having to figure it out and make decisions.......where is the easy button?'

High School Senior Portrait Sessions, what an important milestone!

At Noelle K Photography, I keep a balance of making sure the Seniors get what they want (fun experience tailored to them, feel amazing, share with friends) and what the Parents want (a full service experience, that starts with help on what to wear all the way through displaying your favorite artwork.)

Here are 5 ways Noelle K Photography can help streamline and enhance your High School Senior Session. (Make sure you make it to the end for what really sets me apart!)

1.Pre-session Consultation: Going online to book your appointment, being told to bring a certain amount of outfits and showing up on your session day. That is a recipe for cookie cutter and completely impersonal sessions. One of the first steps I will take is to conduct a pre-session consultation. This can be done over the phone or in person. This is an opportunity for me to understand the student (and parents) preferences, personality, and desired outcome for the session. I can tailor your session to meet your unique vision. This ensures that the senior's personality shines through in the final photographs, creating a truly personalized experience.

2.Location, Location, Location: When I understand your desired outcome, I will help suggest the type of session that would work best for you. Studio only? Outdoor Only? Or let's have a lot of fun and do BOTH! I will suggest not only a great location to fit your style, but for outdoors the best time of day for optimal lighting situations.

3. Posing Guidance: For most high school seniors, posing in front of a camera may not come naturally. Let's face it, that includes all ages! I excel in providing posing guidance and direction to make the seniors feel at ease. I know how to capture natural and flattering poses that highlight their best features. By offering gentle instructions and suggestions, I ensure that the senior looks confident and comfortable, resulting in stunning photographs that exude authenticity and charm.

4. Professional Equipment and Editing: I use top-of-the-line camera equipment and editing software to capture and enhance your images. From adjusting lighting to enhancing colors and applying my artistic flair, my expertise and over 15 years experience ensures that the senior's images are polished and professional and will last the test of time.

5. Finished Artwork: This is my pride and joy and the major part of the experience that sets Noelle K Photography apart from the rest! How many pictures do you have just sitting on your phone, your computer, on a usb, that you keep saying I will get to those one day? Days turn into years and then it is so overwhelming you don't know what to do, so you do nothing. I'm a Mom too, I get that! Or, you find an online printing lab that looks credible, but when your order comes in you receive over/under saturation, too much or too little contrast, color and quality are just completely off! Or better yet, you try to order a canvas wrap but can't figure out why a head or limb are getting wrapped around the sides, you give up and say it is fine. Then when you go to hang it up the size does not best compliment the space? It stands out for all the wrong reasons!

So, what does Noelle K Photography do to help make this part a more enjoyable (and easier) experience?

You want artwork on your walls? Great! I don't expect you to be a designer. During the preconsultation I will make sure you have at least 1 outfit that will look great in the space we are planning for. When you come back for your ordering appointment, I will show you different options that I designed for your space. I will show you digitally what it looks like on YOUR walls, I love visuals! I will not overwhelm you with hundreds of frames and print options. I will narrow down options for you that will look amazing in your home.

Ok, happy parents......but what about the Seniors?

Your senior may not care about the artwork for your walls when they are heading off to school. What do they want? Pictures, lots of them! So what is the best product for you? Albums!

So many can include ALL your favorite images. That reason alone makes it a huge winner! With one of your favorites on the cover, it is also a beautiful display piece to compliment your wall art. Down the road, it is so easy to pass down to kids, grandkids, great grandkids.... Much easier than hoping your old phones and computers will work for them!

Oh yeah.......I forgot probably two of the most important things!

Simple and Easy! Am I going to send you on your way and say good luck designing your album? Heck no! I will have 2-3 questions tops......then I take care of all the design work for you.

So for you it is STEP 1 - pick out the images you love, STEP 2 - your album comes in and ready to be displayed and enjoyed!

Shown above are the most popular products.

Wall Art for the Parents, Album (and Album box) for the Senior and prints for family and friends.

.....I saved the best for last. The most popular question I get, but what about the digitals?

With every image that you purchase, you will receive it in PRINT and DIGITAL format!

Parents all the designing and printing is done for you so you don't have to make time to figure out how to do something new. I mean common technology, do you have to change so fast?

Seniors get to share their digital files with whoever and however they want!

Happy kids = Happy parents right?

What is my promise to you? To guide you every step of the way!

Let's create a new core memory for your kids.....they deserve it!

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