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How important is a smile?

Smiling can mean everything for your business no matter how large or small.

It costs nothing, but creates so much!

  1. In person: When talking to someone face to face, smiling makes you approachable. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Actions speak louder than words and a smile says, 'I like you and I am glad to see you.'

  2. Phone call: The effect of a smile is powerful, even when it is unseen. Use your "phone power." When you are smiling while on the phone, your 'smile' comes through in your voice.

  3. Email: How can you smile through an email you ask? When reading an email, you have no idea what tone it is being sent in. What you say may not be how others read it.


"We'll need to discuss your proposal."

  1. Positive/Friendly Tone:

  • Meaning: I'm looking forward to discussing your proposal.

  • Context: Conveying openness and willingness to engage in a constructive discussion.

  1. Concerned/Critical Tone:

  • Meaning: There are issues with your proposal that need to be addressed.

  • Context: Expressing a need for improvement or clarification in a polite yet critical manner.

This shows how important communication in person or over the phone can be. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

How can you help convey your tone over email?

With a smiling, approachable headshot!

If you think a more serious expression shows power, it also can be intimidating, unfriendly, show lack of enthusiasm, and give a negative first impression for someone just meeting you.

Benefits of smiling

*It costs nothing, but enriches those who receive.

*It happens quickly but effects can last forever.

*It creates happiness in the home and good will for a business.

*It cannot be bought, borrowed or stolen.

The people that benefit the most from a smile are those who feel they have none left to give!

Take a look at your business headshots. What do they say about you?

Would a stranger look at it and say you look PROFESSIONAL AND APPROACHABLE?

If you don't know, find a stranger to ask!

If your Headshot/Personal Branding is due for a refresh, Noelle K Photography is here to help!

Check out the next Headshot Mini Day HERE or call 812-781-9327 for a more customized experience for your business.

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