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Iphone vs Camera vs Photographer

25 years ago...

Cell phones: Not something everyone had.

Digital Cameras: Just starting to become a mainstream thing.

If you remember the days of phones attached to the walls and hurrying to the closest store to develop your film to see what you got, (no, we are not that old!) But that is something future generations will never experience.

It is kind of like the Math teacher always saying, "You have to learn math, you won't always have a calculator in your pocket." Luckily for me, now we do!

Who would have thought we would always have a camera in our pocket as well!

How truly awesome is this! As long as we have a charged battery and memory, we can document every single thing. What more could a Mom want!

No longer is their a need to buy a camera or a photographer right?

Let's take a look! What is more important, the equipment or the person using it?

I see three common scenarios

  1. The iPhone camera user.

  2. I bought a nice camera, put it on automatic and get amazing photos.

  3. I have a nice camera, I can make adjustments for the light and get amazing photos.

I get it, "If I buy this $500, $1000, $2000, $5000+ camera, that is all I need.

Now that kids are back to school, I love spending some time in the studio just to play and continue to learn.

I am going to set up a few different lighting and backdrop scenerios to see and compare the difference.

  1. 1st image will be taken with my iPhone (Portrait Mode)

  2. 2nd image will be taken with my Canon R5 and RF 24-70mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens on automatic. I love the new mirrorless technology!

  3. 3rd image will be taken with the same Canon R5, but settings will be changed to my preferences on manual.

(Constant Light or Natural Light was used for all setups, no strobe)

Setup #1

1- IPHONE: Holy Orange!

2-Automatic: So much better! A little too cool.

3- Manual: More of a true to color skin tone and black background.

Setup #2

Similar setup with less light

Results were very similar!

Setup #3

Natural Light

1- IPHONE: Just blah....printed out this would be a soft mess.

2-Automatic: So much better, heavy magenta.

3- Manual: More true to color, little cool.

Natural light can change with a simple cloud going by. 2 and 3 are both great options that can be improved with slight tweaks in post processing.

Setup #4

Back Light

Results were very similar to setup before! All the behind the scenes images were taken with my phone to save me some time.....can definitely tell!

Now that I am finished with my little experiment today, I realized I should have added one more option to help you out.

Next time I will do a comparison using an entry level DSLR and kit lens on automatic that most of you are looking to get or already have vs the new Mirrorless technology that I am absolutely loving!

Technology is getting better and better. Hopefully one day we will be able to turn on a camera, 'just press a button' and get amazing photos every time!

Until then, use your phone and photograph every moment you can. For the moments that really matter, hire a professional.

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