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What is BETTER than Boudoir?

Most women have either invested in or at least heard of boudoir photography.

What if I told you there was a different way, a better way, to feel empowered, confident, sexy, and fabulous inside and out?

black bodysuit boudoir photography
Beauty Portrait Photography
Combines the best of boudoir, fashion, and glamour. I have seen the changes the Beauty Portrait experience can make in self-esteem & self-discovery of women of all ages, shapes, & sizes.

Ready to discover a whole new way of appreciating, celebrating, & sharing the real you?

Ten Reasons why Beauty Photography is for YOU!

1- Beauty is all about Connection.

When you want to connect with someone, which are you most likely to do?

a) flash them your beautiful smile?

b) flash them your amazing cleavage?

c) flash them your fabulous derriere?

I'm betting most women aim to present their winning smile to the world to connect.

Boudoir photography can be a celebration of what makes women's bodies special.

Beauty photography is a celebration of what makes WOMEN special-- the ability to express and connect.

When I see a winning smile like Emmaly's (below), I feel immediately drawn in. Her light and spirit are on display here and that makes her stunning.

2- Perfect for women of all shapes & sizes.

Ever notice that boudoir portfolios typically showcases younger women with tight abs, toned calves, firm breasts and booty. But it's not every woman's reality. I don't know about you, but for me most of that all left after 3 kids. I know I'm beautiful and I have the pictures to prove it.

You don't have to be a fitness model or a size 2 to appreciate how gorgeous you are.

When I shoot a session, I want to look and feel beautiful right now. Not 10 pounds from now. Not two jean sizes down from now. When I see my portraits, I see a fearless, fabulous woman no matter how dressed up or down I am.

3- Beauty portraits fit your life stage.

Are you a high school senior, young mom, grandma?

When I see boudoir images, most I guess would be in their 20s or 30s. Most of these are done around a bridal session for someone else (I'll get to that later.)

Beauty Photography is great for every age. And the looks can be personalized just for you.

4- Want to feel like you should be on a magazine cover?

A great boudoir image might look fabulous on Playboy, but a great Beauty image would be right at home on Glamour, Vanity Fair, or Vogue.

Doesn't every woman dream of looking like a cover model for the day?

Wouldn't you rather share all about your Vanity Fair styled photoshoot with your family vs your centerfold in Playboy?

Shalonda wanted to celebrate her pregnancy with a truly special maternity shoot.

What I love about Shalonda is her girl-next-door charm but we turned her into covergirl fabulous!

5- Boudoir shoot with your mom/daughter? Awkward. Beauty shoot with your mom/daughter? Awesome!

Feeling beautiful is such an incredible experience to share. If walking around half naked with your family during a photoshoot makes you uncomfortable, rest assured that Beauty portraits are family fun.

Bring along your mom, sister, best friend, or daughter and enjoy an experience like no other.

6- Beauty portraits are shareable.

From a boudoir only shoot, you might not find it appropriate to use on your LinkedIn account or profile photo on Facebook and Instagram. But, from a Beauty session you will be quick to update all your social media profiles.

The look I go for is approachable, confident, friendly.

Beautiful Leah shows off those traits perfectly in her professional headshot. We got plenty of fashion-forward looks too!

7- Beauty portraits are a gift for YOU.

A lot of times women turn to Boudoir as a gift for their significant others. You show someone you love them then by revealing how desirable, sexy, and confident you can be? Why can't you have all those things JUST FOR YOU?

Do you need an excuse, absolutely not!

If you feel like you do, one of these might work for you.

the "I'm turning 30,40,50,60,70+" gift

the "I just got a promotion or I'm ready to retire" gift

the "My kids are all finally in school, or kids just moved out" gift

the "I really need a break from being spit up on, changing diapers, and baby exhaustion" gift

the "I was a really good mom this year, Mother's Day Gift"

Caring for yourself and your spirit are gifts that you'll get from a Beauty Portrait shoot.

8- Wear as much or as little clothing as you like.

When thinking of what to wear for a boudoir session, it is more about a lack of clothes. You only need to go to a lingerie store. But, is that the only look for you?

Yes, I completely agree that confident women look stunning no matter the amount of clothes they have on.

The best part is that at the photo shoot you are completely safe with me. I know when to root for you and give a gentle push, "Go on girl let's give this a try, you look stunning!"

But I also know how to support women when they feel more confident fully dressed.

From gowns to jeans to leggings to lace bustiers and anything in between, you choose what's beautiful and special to you.

9- You can showcase BEAUTIFUL YOU however you wish.

I'm all for daily reminders of how beautiful you are. Why not walk up and look at yourself as beautiful art in a gorgeous light?

It bums me out to hear that most time boudoir shoots are often believed to be too intimate for display.

With your Beauty Portrait Session, don't worry, you will be able to select something that is totally fabulous but still tasteful for all eyes to see.

Celebrate your beauty, your confidence, and your sexiness with sophisticated wall art.

Of course, we offer more discreet options as well including our Folio Boxes and Signature Albums.

10- You might cry!

What is most important, you are beautiful-- inside and out.

If you already know this about yourself, AWESOME, let's celebrate you and have fun!

If you're not sure that's true, then I'd love if you would give me the opportunity to let the images speak for themselves.

Often women will sit at their Image Viewing, tear up or just drop their jaws and say "Wow! I never knew I looked like that."

All photography, at their best, offer the chance to reflect back life and love. It is my great honor to bring Beauty Photography to the Evansville, Indiana area to show women something new and amazing about themselves.

This is all about You!

If you've read this far, I bet a Beauty Session is something you see in your future.

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